Dec 1, 2009

Yahoo! Concentrates on Search Assists

Yahoo! Displays drop-down box while typing query in the search box known as “Search assist” displaying list of relevant popular terms for the users. More search assist features are available in Yahoo!, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Sports, and Yahoo! Finance. Making search hunt simpler.

Now real-time information like company stock quotes is displayed in the search assist drop-down box. Type the company name in Yahoo! and get current stock price, company details. Similarly for travel destination, movies, athlete, etc.

Need to navigate to mail while browsing Yahoo! Finance? Just type mail in the search box and find list of links directing to your inbox in the search assist layer. Also, for popular terms like “obama”, “britney spears” assist layer provides links directed towards Yahoo! Image Search and Yahoo! News Search listing news or images of “obama”, “britney spears”.

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