Jun 23, 2010

Google May Day update

Webmasters started noticing sudden affect in site traffic at the end of April month. Giant websites lost top ranking in search results for the targeted/product related key phrases due to Google May Day update which happened between April 28 to May 5. After this update, some of the e-commerce websites especially product pages lost their ranking for long-tail search queries. Most of the webmasters studied about this Google algorithmic change and discussed in detail.

During this update sites like Amazon didn’t affect due to proper internal linking structure, keyword repetition, product reviews and authority backlinks. Next step, check your site status in Google Webmaster tools and notice whether product page is removed from indexing. Utilize exact targeted key phrase within product page and internal links. Follow quality backlink process to retain the top rankings for targeted keywords and implement XML Sitemap.

Google keeps tuning their search algorithm regularly to provide best results to the user. This update is permanent and implemented in Google Caffeine update.

Mar 8, 2010

Optimizing Pagination for SEO & User Experience

Most of the e-commerce/ large site owners face trouble in deep page or specific product page indexing due to improper pagination. Also, this problem leads to duplicate content issue when single URL displaying multiple results or content.

Generally site presenting 10 results per page with more pagination will automatically affect the search engine and user to reach the exact product or information page. Also, site with or without limited categories displays larger number of search results (Results 1-5 of 1024) per category.

Develop site where user and search engine can reach the product or information page in few clicks. Creating many subcategories help in filtering the results and simultaneously assist the user to reach product page easily in fewer clicks. Google's recommended that pages contain no more than 100 links (internal or external) in order to make it easy for spiders to reach down deep into a site's architecture. So limit the page links to 100 and show fresh content at top of the search results increase popularity. Moreover clear XML and HTML sitemap helps in deep indexing as well.

Feb 23, 2010

Yahoo! binds more Tweets in search results

At the end of 2009, Yahoo! announced Tweet incorporation in SERP only for hot buzz topics. Yahoo collaborates with Twitter to integrate real-time content and complete public tweets. Recent days Y! partnership with Facebook and Twitter support them in expanding their social experience and delivering quality results to the user.

Coming Soon:

• Read personal Tweets across Yahoo networks.
• Update Twitter status from Yahoo!
• Social actions performed in Y! Buzz can be shared across in Twitter.
• Yahoo! media properties like News, Finance, Entertainment, and Sports will include real-time public Twitter updates.

Want to try the update then search for “iPad” or “Obama”. Learn more about this partnership at http://ycorpblog.com/.

Feb 22, 2010

More Real-Time Updates in Google

MYSpace added in Real-Time Search
As discussed earlier Google includes real-time updates in search results for hot buzz topics. Now Google officially comprise MySpace content to real-time search. Similar to tweets and facebook relevant MySpace photos, blog posts will be listed in Google which are just seconds old. You can activate MySpace updates in real-time mode by clicking on "Show Options" and then "Updates."

Image Filtering
Use [Site:] operator to filter the image results from particular website. Images are filtered based on the image source URL. Now you can remove the surplus and control search results.

Feb 18, 2010

New Era of Binghoo against Search Giant Google

Finally Yahoo! and Microsoft received approval for their search agreement, without limitations, from both the U.S. Department of Justice and the European Commission. The deal is signed for 10 years and the new evolution brings enhanced search experience to users, help advertisers to get better results and help improve monetization for partners. However, Microsoft will manage the technology platforms that deliver the algorithmic (powered by Bing) and paid (powered by adCenter) search results.

Alliance will change the organic search listings and ads will be provided by Microsoft. Yahoo will continue to enhance their latest features like filters to refine search results, search assists, rich results and more applications to explore the relevant results faster.

Search Alliance brings cost-efficient way and time saving effort to your business. The transition will be available to the US users by the end of 2010 prior to holiday season. All global customers and partners are expected to experience the transition by early 2012.

Yahoo! and Microsoft will each represent and provide customer support to different advertiser segments. Track the search alliance updates at www.searchalliance.com.

Feb 11, 2010

Overview of latest Yahoo Search Updates

In last six months, Yahoo! search team released multiple updates which bring new search experience in exploring and delivering more relevant results to the users search queries. Started with new Homepage release across multiple markets with lots of additional features. Now Search Scan, Safe Search, and Search Pad are easily accessible in the new page design.

Powerful Search Query Assistance
Yahoo! search assist is refined with more suggestions and help you to discover related queries. Even real-time stock quotes or movie trailers will be comprised in this feature.

Discover Breaking News on Yahoo!
Easy to find real-time content about a breaking news all at one place. Relevant videos, photos, and tweets will be available in the search results page.

Relevant Results for Local Businesses
Searching for local businesses in Yahoo! is made simpler. Explore local business in one click even without specifying location. Refine results by clicking neighborhood or nearby cities displayed in the search results.

Tweets in Search Results
Twitter content is integrated in the Yahoo search results page for hot topics. The age of the tweets might vary.

Multimedia Search
More refined results are delivered in Yahoo videos and image search. These new refiners help you explore your favorite TV shows and movies, celebrities, or the albums and songs from your favorites music artists.

Feb 7, 2010

Improving Bing Search on Facebook

Microsoft and Facebook were successful partners for many years and continuing their valued relationship in 2010. This year they planned to enhance the Bing experience on Facebook. Micorsoft concentrates on social media & communication tools to improve their campaign performance along integrating live updates on search results.

Along with continued relationship Bing provides full feature access and better search experience on Facebook. Soon the search integration will be available to all Facebook users across US. Earlier, they were working together on Facebook advertising for long time providing quality experience to the users and advertisers. Now social media giant will take over responsibility in selling their display advertisements. Bing will continue to display their search advertisements on Facebook.