Feb 11, 2010

Overview of latest Yahoo Search Updates

In last six months, Yahoo! search team released multiple updates which bring new search experience in exploring and delivering more relevant results to the users search queries. Started with new Homepage release across multiple markets with lots of additional features. Now Search Scan, Safe Search, and Search Pad are easily accessible in the new page design.

Powerful Search Query Assistance
Yahoo! search assist is refined with more suggestions and help you to discover related queries. Even real-time stock quotes or movie trailers will be comprised in this feature.

Discover Breaking News on Yahoo!
Easy to find real-time content about a breaking news all at one place. Relevant videos, photos, and tweets will be available in the search results page.

Relevant Results for Local Businesses
Searching for local businesses in Yahoo! is made simpler. Explore local business in one click even without specifying location. Refine results by clicking neighborhood or nearby cities displayed in the search results.

Tweets in Search Results
Twitter content is integrated in the Yahoo search results page for hot topics. The age of the tweets might vary.

Multimedia Search
More refined results are delivered in Yahoo videos and image search. These new refiners help you explore your favorite TV shows and movies, celebrities, or the albums and songs from your favorites music artists.

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