Dec 1, 2009

2009 Top Bing Search Queries

Recent days Bing is getting popular based on the fresh search algorithm and graphical appearance. Last week Bing released top 10 search queries, which resemble some important incident like king of pop death, American president, missing person. Bing analyzes billions of search queries and prepares the list based on the searches made in Bing.

Bing confess that brand terms and specific product related terms are used by the folks to access the site like Facebook, MSN, Youtube, Craigslist, MP3 player and to identify best deals for tropical vacations.

Top Bing Search Queries

1) Michael Jackson
2) Twitter
3) Swine Flu
4) Stock Market
5) Farrah Fawcett
6) Patrick Swayze
7) Cash for Clunkers
8) Jon and Kate Gosselin
9) Billy Mays
10) Jaycee Dugard

Also Bing is launching “Most Popular Searches of 2009” Facebook quiz contest to spot the most searched actor and actress, movies, TV shows and much more.

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