Nov 26, 2009

Importance of Sitemap in SEO

Generally Sitemap used to provide complete structure of the website. It helps both search engines and visitors to understand entire site architecture. There are two types of sitemap namely HTML sitemap and XML Sitemap.

HTMP Sitemap: Most of the website does have HTML sitemap which list site navigation. Follow basic HTML format to avoid complication. Search engine prefers to crawl 100 URLs in sitemap. If there are more than 100 URLs just break into multiple sitemaps and list 100 URLs each.

XML Sitemap: XML sitemap is built particularly for search engine purpose. Facilitate to provide more information about the page like indicating page created date, priority, last modification date, etc.

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Bangalore Forex said...

HTML sitemaps can also be good for pushing relevant anchor text to ones own website. This works best if you make sure your site amp page has some juice to give. I prefer A1 Sitemap Generator because it can create XML + multi column/page sitemaps.