Dec 21, 2009

Some Important guidelines about Google Caffeine

Few months back Google search team announced about revolution of new search methodology called “Google Caffeine”. The sandbox version was functioning in to get performance feedback. At present the URL is shutdown and will be released after holidays. Meanwhile most of the SEO experts, webmasters & developers tested the new search engine performance and published their feedback about the new search methodology. Following are some vital instructions to be pursued to retain site listing position for the targeted keywords/key phrase.

Google Caffeine focuses primarily in crawling large amount of pages and documents. Users will find more search results instantly compared to the previous version with minor variations in site listings and additional real-time updates like tweets, news, blogs etc.

Still domain age plays important role in attaining top listings position for the targeted phrase. Better site architecture helps bot to spend more time on your site and in indexing additional pages. Google Caffeine trails Keyword Stuffing firmly and penalize without delay.

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