Dec 13, 2009

More Search Updates from Google

Real-Time Search
For hot topics, along with general search results, videos, images get real time updates from twitter, facebook, myspace, friendfeed, jaiku and in. Tweets are updating instantly without page refresh.

New trick in Google Suggest
Google provides more results and information for general terms in keyword suggestion bar including weather, flight status, local time, area codes, package tracking, answers, definitions, calculator, unit conversions, and currency conversions. Soon it will be available in Google supported language.

Relevant Travel Information in Search Result
During local business search nearby transit information will be displayed in the map appearing at the beginning of the search result.

Similar Pages Beta Version
Alike “Similar” link appearing next to every URL in search result. Google announced a new Chrome extension, Similar Page beta to identify similar page wherever you are on the web.

Extension to find Text Occurrence
Finding difficult to recognize the search query/text on the landing page? Use Google Quick Scroll to avoid this complexity. Quick Scroll tool automatically pop up black color panel at lower right corner of the screen highlighting “search query”. Clicking the panel will take you directly to the part of the page. This feature is not available for all queries.

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